With the combined reviewing prowess of Gina B, Charles Cecilia, and Bmutha, Shelf Space will be building one of the highest quality and most comprehensive libraries of collectible reviews!

More coming soon! Stay Tuned

Gina B Collecting

Gina is constantly pushing the boundaries of video quality, and coupled with her life-long passion for pop culture, her reviews are some of the most enjoyable on the planet! Gina’s reviews typically include Marvel, DC, and Star Wars themed collectibles from a wide range of manufacturers.

Bmutha Reviews

Bmutha’s review catalogue goes back many years, and features collectibles from companies such as Figurama Collectors, XM Studios, HMO Collectibles, Pure Arts, Sideshow Collectibles, Iron Studios, Prime 1 Studio, Tsume-Art and many more!

  • HMO Felicia Teaser!
    Mufizal Mokhtar from HMO Collectibles joined us on the latest episode, and dropped the purrrrfect teaser for an upcoming statue!
  • Figurama Bleach Teaser!
    If you missed this past weekend’s episode featuring Figurama Collectors’ CEO, Mr. Shanab, we revealed the world exclusive teaser for the upcoming Bleach diorama!
  • Figurama Coming Back to Shelf Space!
    The Shelf Space team is proud to announce that Figurama CEO, Mr. Shanab, will be re-appearing on the show LIVE on Sunday March 1st, at 1PM EST!
  • New York Comic Con 2018
    Join the Shelf Space crew for an extensive tour of the 2018 XM Studios and Sideshow Collectibles New York Comic Con displays, featuring interviews with Bryan Tan!